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Taser Puppets Live 2019

Formed in 2008, Taser Puppets are an alternative rock band with edgy noise, melody and contradictions. Vocal driven music with vigour tightly laced with dark humour.  A stripped to the bone sound where there's no place for guitar ego & the song is king. Our ideas & belief in self-penned music is embedded in everything we do.

Our latest EP is Bubble Machine. Fossil and the EPs Twisted Pop and Fuzzy Felt can be found in the British Library Sound and Moving Image Catalogue. We recorded a live EP at the Crescent venue in Salford.

Mike Leigh (former drummer with The Fall) chose the Tasers’ ‘Beautiful Song for the Ripper’ taken from the EP Twisted Pop as one of his favourite tracks when being interviewed on Salford City Radio, saying “the Ripper is as good as any song written by anyone at any time!”

Having played most of the North’s top venues supporting the likes of The Primitives, Yeah Yeah No’s, Bez (Happy Mondays), Interrobang (Chumbawamba) and Tom Hingley (Inspiral Carpets) to name just a few. We have also played at the renowned Dublin Castle in Camden.

Shaun Ali Bongo / Guitar, Vocal.

The Prince of Polyester or The Baron of Bri nylon as he’s known in these here parts, is a published poet & song writer extraordinaire. 6ft 3 in of ‘songsmith-ery’ belting out earworms for the masses.

Terry / Drums, Backing vocals. 

Former pro rugby player in Australia; he’s the powerhouse behind the band. Once met actor Ernie Dingo at Sydney Airport [no we’ve no idea who he is either but Terry was well pleased about it], he’s the guy who loves big bongos.


Bob the bassist


Bob on Bass / Bass. 

There’s no one like Bob. He’s a cool, calm & Kevin Costner obsessed dude who puts the backbone in the band.  Now currently banned from driving the band because of his ‘Magical Mystery Tours’ after the Salford via the North Pole debacle due to ‘Bob Nav’ errors!