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Latest news live gigs in 2019 
26th October with Girobabies & Poppycock, The Castle, Oldham St,  Manchester
1st November, Keystreet, Clitheroe with Mardigras Bombers
16th November, The Backroom, Leeds
17th November with Heavy Salad, Off the Square, Northern Quarter, Manchester

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Taser Puppets

Leafless in the Garden of Eden, Shaun Maxwell.

Leafless in the Garden of Eden
Mighty mighty mighty fall
Houston we've got a problem
See Gagarin's children in the hall
Show me who I am
Show me who I am
I'm a Taser Puppet
Hanging like a puppy XX eyed
Leaves are on trees
Waiting for the Autumn breeze
Leafless in the Garden of Eden

Taser Puppets  formed in 2008 and based in Chorley Lancashire. Current line up of the Taser Puppets, Shaun - vocals and lead guitar, Terry - drums and backing vocals,  Bob - bass guitar